The home office

We've all seen the pins on Pinterest of dream home offices.  Where every piece of paper has it's place and it all comes together in an effortless fashion.  My reality is far, far from that.  My home office goes from super tidy once every couple months to a mound of paper, shopping, and craft supplies.  Here are some tools of the trade that I'm hoping will make my home office pretty enough for me to put in the effort to keep it that way. 

1. Get organized with some magazine holders, perfect to for hiding junk or actually organizing, they create a perfect display when turned around.
2. Stationary organization - turn an old cart into a stationary station with boxes for your correspondence needs.
3. Add some inspirational art work to the walls.
4. Hide bills etc in this beautiful desktop file.
5.  Clip it together.  I adore these animal paper clips, I have some in hippo.  Sort your memorable postcards or tickets/programs, it keep it all together with a picture holder  it also  makes a lovely display. 
6. Add a desktop calender to remind yourself of those oh, so important dates.
7. Frame out your space with some chic book ends.
8. Be inspired to put  your pencil to some paper with these adorable and personalized no. 2s.

Finish it off with some fresh flowers and stacked books on top of a tray, hung photography, personalize the space with a chalkboard wall, and if you can a large mirror. 


  1. i have those magazine holders and love them!

  2. Love that design. Although I think plain white would look great too!

  3. I have the boxes from #1 :) And found similar magazine holders at Target in the $1 section!

    1. Even better! I love the $1 secetion at Target :)