365Project Update: December Edition

A look back at December..
 Christmas Crackers that I made for Christmas morning.  They were filled with popcorn, nuts, and cranberries.
 Dinner and drinks as Sable.  We also had the lamb flatbread which was delicious!  Pictured above: pretzels and duck fat-fried steak fries.
 Matching Christmas pjs with a Disney theme.  I matched up a princess to her prince and made shirts for the both of us.  He got all the princes and I got all the princesses, with our names inserted. (Yes the mister is a trooper and puts up with the crap I make him wear, I found a winner!)
 Perusing through one of my birthday presents!
DIY lace nails for NYE.  They looked fabulous, but I had to put on multiple coats of top coat to get it to stay, my fingers reeked of nail polish.
Happy NYE!  Ringing in 2012 with the one I love and our friends.

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