Jet Setters... The Travel Essentials

 Between the bachelorette parties and weddings, we have plenty of trips coming up in the next couple months.  Here's a look at the essentials I pack when traveling..
For Keeping Warm
2. Smartwool socks (they're temperature regulated to keep your feet warm and dry) Cozy Again Merino Wool Socks.
5. JCrew's Cashmere Wrap - doubles as a blanket to stay warm when the temperature dips mid flight.

For Staying Hydrated
4. Evian Mineral Water Spray to Go - a quick spritz keeps your face hydrated despite the dry cabin air.
7. L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm - because your lips are the first thing to feel the effects of dry air

Everything Else
1. Travel Pill case - perfect for toting around those painkillers and vitamins.
3. A Chic passport holder to keep that all important passport safe, and it's easy to spot at the bottom of your bag. 
6. A good eye mask - to combat the glare of those awful neon lights.  And just because the passenger in front of you has decided to stare out the window for the next 10 hours, doesn't mean you'll arrive sleep deprived.
8. Snacks - because I'm a sugar junkie, I always carry something to munch on.  Twizzlers are my favorite go to if I can't find a bag of Sour Patch Kids.
9. Keep everything tucked away in this durable and packable LongChamps Le Pilage Shoulder Tote
10. An iPad, need I say more.  Perfect for catching up on last season's Dexter or finally finishing that book you were reading.

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