Thursday Eats... Sola

Last night the Mister and I hit up our favorite brunch spot for dinner.  Sola, their Hawaiian infused menu was the perfect thing to help us with our Big Island/Maui blues.  We pretty much loved everything on the menu, and can't wait to come back for again for more than just brunch.
What we ate:
- artichoke fritters (my favorite dish of the night)
- Pho (a grown up version of one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes)
- Waygu burger (the Mister who said it was delish, or at least that's what I could make out from his mouthful response)
- truffle Parmesan fries (truffle oil on fries, need I say more)
- mac & cheese (the Mister hails this as one of the best Mac & Cheese's he's ever had.  On a side note, I hate mac & cheese, and thus the Mister only gets it when we go out to eat)
- and we polished off our meal with the decadent soft center chocolate cake (normally we have malasadas for dessert at brunch so we decided to try something new)

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