Baby Maddness: A Gender Reveal party

As everyone is anxiously looking at their bracket this week, I thought I'd share a different and adorable take on the March Madness bracket, a Gender Revel bracket.  On the menu: champagne cake pops, cupcakes, donuts, trail mix, brownies, and of course the cake.  Love the fun competitive spirit they encouraged and all the lovely details, scroll down to see what they're expecting.
{photos via Hostess Blog}
From the Host:
Our guests were encouraged to pick a team, either “pink” or “blue” and show their support by dressing in their team’s color.  We even had matching buttons that the guests could wear to show their support.  We also had a hanging chalkboard up so each guest could cast their vote.  I also created little tag that our guest could write baby name suggestions on and leave in the mail boxes. 

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  1. wow this is awesome! You put a lot of work and effort into all the details!