Airport Style

I'll be on a jet plane tomorrow heading to Omaha for the bestie's wedding.  My bags are over flowing (typical with a 4 day Indian wedding), my speech is written, and I'm so excited for her and her soon to be 'Mister'.  With many crowding the airports this holiday weekend, here's a look at some of my favorite airport styles. 

{Jessica, Rosie, Audrina, & Miranda}
 Think comfort, with either jeans or leggings; flats to make getting through airport security easier; keeping warm with a jacket or sweater and a scarf; chic luggage, and of course huge sunnies to hide from the paparazzi. 
What I'll be wearing this weekend at Midway:

{Jcrew Matchstick Jeans, LongChamps Shoulder Tote, Toms Canvas Classic, Old Navy Slub Top, & Leopard Print Scarf}

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