Gifting :: Something Old, Something New..

We recapped the beautiful wedding of our bestie today on rivernorthLove.  So I thought I'd share our take on the traditional, "something old, something new, something borrowed, & something blue" that we gifted her.

For her something "old and borrowed"  we gifted her bangles from our wedding chuda sets.  It's such a cute idea, is something she could wear on her wedding day, and it's a little of our wedding day bliss that we're passing on to her.
Her something "new and blue" were these I Do shoe decals from Etsy, and this pair of VS bridal undies.   The Jimmy Choo's were from her fiancee.
And our last little something for the bride were our love letters to her.  I love the idea of the bride and groom exchanging letters on the morning of.  So all seventeen of her bridesmaids, wrote her a little note, just to say how much we love her and how excited we were for her.  And we gifted her those love letters on the morning of.  The box (pictured above) is from the Container Store that we embellished with bling, because our bride loves bling.

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