Confession time: I'm a musical junkie...

So something I've never told you about myself, but I'm obsessed with Broadway musicals (as is Queen Elizabeth, which is why I'm pretty sure we'd be friends).  My iPod and Spotify accounts have musical playlists which I belt out in the car, and every time I watch a Broadway production I'm reduced to tears.  Secretly it's been a dream of mine to stand on stage as part of a Broadway production.  I missed my chance with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, remember all those kids who run in at the beginning and start singing, I could have been one of them.  One of my all time favorite musicals is Les Mis, I've seen it 3 times.  And I've sung both On My Own and Castle on a Cloud for vocal competitions in high school.  Which is why I'm stoked for the move version of Les Miserables this December!!  The cast is phenomenal and I can't wait to see what director Tom Hooper has in store.  Just watching the trailer below gives me chills.  Anyone else super excited to see Les Miserables in theaters?

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