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We're 32 weeks in, I can't believe how soon our lil guy (B) will here....

The Stats:
the number my weight has increased by: 24.7 lbs
inches gained: 6
scares: At our 20 week structural ultrasound, they found choroid plexus cysts on our baby's brain.  This alone is a soft marker for a trisomy (chromosomes 13,18, & 21) mutation.  The rational part of me knew that we would be fine, the hormonal pregnant part of me freaked out.  We decided against an amnio and took the MaterniT21 test, a simple blood test that searches the mother's blood for fetal DNA and scans that.  Two weeks later, we were given the all clear and the confirmation that B is in fact, a lil' sir.
best moments: when he moves, seeing his heartbeat for the first time, or when he had the hiccups at our 12 week ultrasound
favorite baby project: baby book... coming soon
favorite nursery item: jeffery the giraffe, as we have affectionately named him. Here's a sneak peek at the nursery:
interesting pregnancy development: arthritis pain in my thumbs/tendonitis & dark lines down the back of my legs
favorite preggo product: Bio Oil + Vanicream
pregnancy papering: prenatal massages & manicures
major gripe: body slowing down/not being able to keep up (other than that pretty lucky to have had a smooth pregnancy) & pregnancy insomnia, more of a recent development
maternity photos: taken by our talented friend Niraj Gandhi

cravings: nothing, if I had to say something it would be fruit, any kind just had to eat some sort of fruit everyday
pregnancy tweets:
I'm itchy all over... could I be allergic to my baby  #PregnantGirlProblems
My baby keeps booty dropping me. B's gunna have a big butt like his momma  #PregnantGirlProblems
pregnancy insomnia... i hate you #PregnantGirlProblems
cake pops and macaroons from Paris, I'm so spoiled! Gestational Diabetes, here I come!
Baby Mogill-Patel is a boy!
18 week baby bump

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