DIY :: Bottle Mailer Tutorial

Oh the things you can mail.  Let's be honest, everyone loves getting mail, and what's better than regular old mail, a package.  I decided to send my little sister something silly and fun via snail mail that would get there in time for her birthday, as we were celebrating her birthday a week later.  That's when I discovered that you could mail just about anything, behold the 2 liter bottle package.  

Supplies: a 2 liter bottle, an Exacto knife, clear packing tape, a mailer label, a hot glue gun, and goodies to fill your bottle.
Step 1:  Clean and dry your bottle.  Remove the label.  Using your Exacto knife cut a 3 sided rectangle creating a flap to stuff your bottle.  I made sure the flap was large enough to fit my items, but small enough that it would be hidden by the mailer label I printed.
Step 2:  Fill your bottle with goodies.  I hit up Target's dollar section and filled her bottle with fun little knick-knacks.  I opted not to send her chocolate as it was going to be very hot that week and I didn't want the chocolate to melt. 

Step 3:  Seal the rectangular flap using your packing tape.  Use your printed mailer label to hide your secret door, and make sure your return address is clearly legible.

Step 4:  Using your glue gun, add a ring of glue to the threads of the bottle lid.  Screw the lid onto your bottle.  And now you're ready to mail your fun package. 

A few things to keep in mind:
-Postage depends on weight, I cost me $3 to mail my package.
-The bottle is see through, so it goes without saying don't mail anything of value.
-Make sure your label is adhered securely, as many people will be handling your package.  So tape down any corners. 

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