Fab (& Free) Fonts

One of the things I love pinning and discovering on Pinterest are fun new fonts.  I've become slightly obsessed with typography, there are so many great fonts out there!  From modern to classic, script to block, here are my favorite free fonts to get you started on your own font hunting journey.

Frenchy | Jenna Sue | Ecuyer Dax | Sugar Cone | Too Tight | Sketch Block | Mathilde | Lovelo | Carte Blanche | Fish Fingers | Pharmacy | Black Jack | KG Skinny Latte | Penelope Anne | States | To & From  | Arrows 


  1. How do you go about obtaining these free fonts?

    1. Cindy - Just click the corresponding link for your desired font and it will take you to the font's download page. Once you are there, you will be able to download them directly from the sites.

  2. Thank you. It is very useful.

  3. Is the font that you use in your title (fab fonts) a free font, and what is the name ? :)