Soiree :: halloween + chili cook off

 This weekend we hosted a chili cook-off and Halloween party for the kiddos.  The kiddos didn't disappoint, we had a watermelon, an ice cream cookie sandwich, a ninja turtle, & the little Man went as a mad scientist.  Playing off his costume, I created a mini dessert bar around the concept of a mad scientist's laboratory.  The dessert bar featured candy, 'bones' (pretzels with mini marshmallows dipped in white chocolate), and delicious smores dip.  Guests could take home their treats in mini treat bags that read 'Organs for Transplant'. The laboratory came alive with custom signs, a page from a vintage neuroanatomy textbook, skulls, vials, a doll's face in a mason jar, and a fake heart under a bell jar that sat on top of a copy of Grey's Anatomy (the text book not the TV show). 

 The chili bar included fries (for chili cheese fries), baked potatoes, cornbread, Fritos (for chili cheese nachos in a bag), mini corn dog muffins, cheese, chives, and cream cheese.  Everyone voted on their favorite chili based on the following categories: flavor, aroma, texture, and color, and the winner walked away with the coveted golden spatula.  I added burlap, red plaid, and golden pumpkins to the table to add fall colors and textures, and used wired baskets and a pail as serving baskets to add a rustic feel. It was such a fun way to celebrate fall with our friends, I can't wait to do it again next year!
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