Plated.com a review

This week's Tasty Thursday isn't a delicious new recipe, per say, but rather several of them.  We recently gifted plated.com dinners to some friends as a housewarming present.  And as an added bonus for becoming new members we received a credit to try a dinner from plated.  If you are unfamiliar with Plated, at a basic level, they are a meal delivery service.  But that doesn't even begin to describe them.  Their meals are designed by chefs, the fresh ingredients are locally sourced, and the results are delicious.  I equate Plated to an inexpensive private cooking class.  After perusing two weeks of tasty dinner options, we settled on the chili chicken meatballs with chards.  I was so excited to receive our box in the mail that I forgot to take pictures, that and I was starving, sorry for my blogger fail.  You will just have to take my word for it that my organized self was so pleased at how all the ingredients were so neatly and individually packaged.  And my culinary novice self was thrilled with the step by step instructions and photos (which are always a plus in my book).  You can sign up for your very own 'cook like a chef' experience at Plated.com. Where you can opt for a meal at a time or a Plated membership.  Happy Cooking!

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