Baby Week :: Preggo & New Parent's Gift Basket Ideas

I was on the receiving end of some incredibly sweet and thoughtful 'congrats your eggo is preggo' gifts this year.  So I couldn't wait to return the favor for our friends that happen to get pregnant this year as well.  Here are some of the pregnancy gift baskets I pulled together for the preggos in my life.

For the first time mom who has had her share of morning sickness:
~ Saltines & Sprite to help keep the nausea at bay
~ Preggo Magazine for some light reading
~ Tums because heartburn is every pregnant woman's friend
~ Palmer's Cocoa Butter for those dreaded stretch marks
 For the second time mom:
~ Something sweet & salty for those cravings
~ Flip flops for her swollen feet
~ Nail polish, at least her toes will look cute even if she can't see them
~ Earth Mama Angel Baby Happy Momma Body Wash & loofah, great for nausea and a boost of energy
~ Earth Mama Angel Baby Tea Sampler from nausea to heartburn and third trimester wellness
 For the mom that just gave birth:
~ Something cute for their new bundle of joy
~ Grooming: Face wipes & Hair ties because taking care of herself takes a backseat to the new arrival
~ For her lady parts: Witch Hazel medicated pads & Tucks cooling pads, for the party in the front and the back.
~ Keep Calm and Mother On sign now available on our Etsy store: rivernorthLove

For your neighbor & new parent:
~ Baby Shampoo & Lotion
~ Diaper Rash Cream
~ Baby Wipes
~ Saline Drops & Nasal Aspirator
~ Pacifier (not pictured)

Something cute for the mom and dad-to-be:

Other great ideas you could include:
~ Maternity clothing such as tanks (try Old Navy, Target, H&M, & Asos)
~ Pampering gifts: A prenatal massage, a mani & pedi, LUSH bath bombs, the Snoogle Body Pillow
~ Funny pregnancy books: Belly Laughs, Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay.  We annotated a copy of Belly Laughs for our newest mommy-to-be, it'll be something we can pass around and write notes to one another as the rest of us become mommies.  And it's nice to know someone else out there went through the same thing.
~ Pregnancy workout dvds: Tracy Anderson's The Pregnancy Project
~ And of course anything the momma-to-be is craving

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