30 First Dates

The Mister and I are the worst at deciding where to eat.  After several back and fourths we usually end up at the same restaurant.  So this year we decided to create a list of 30 new (to us) restaurants that we want to try out.  We split the list in half, as you can clearly see some options are all the Mister (anything Mexican or Superdawg Drive In), and some are clearly all me (anything Asian).  This way when it comes to picking a place to eat, we can just refer back to our list.  It's date night, simplified.

  1. Antique Taco
  2. Au Cheval
  3. Avec
  4. Bar Pastoral
  5. Big Jones
  6. Chilam Balam
  7. City Winery
  8. Embeya
  9. Fat Rice
  10. Flour and Stone
  11. Found
  12. Gioco
  13. Han 202
  14. Handlebar
  15. Kai Zan
  16. La Cuchara
  17. Le Creperie
  18. Nellcote
  19. Ombra Italian Bar
  20. Opart Thai
  21. Rickshaw Republic
  22. RM Champagne Salon
  23. RPM
  24. Sienna Tavern
  25. Sumi Robata Bar
  26. Superdawg Drive In 
  27. Tavernita
  28. Takito Kitchen
  29. The Boarding House
  30. Yusho

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