Weekend Recap

It was a busy weekend with engagement parties, bridal showers, farmer's markets, and of course the Blackhawks.  Is it sad that I'm glad to be back to work this week?  And on another note, I can't believe it's already July!  We went to watch the beginning of the Blackhawks parade on Friday, and made a pit stop at the French Market on Clinton before heading back to work.  We came back with 2 loafs from the Little Goat Bread Co., I love that place.  After a couple of hours at work we headed out to City Winery for a surprise Tuscan bridal shower for a coworker.  Their soup of the day, a creamy jalapeno soup, was beyond delicious!!  Saturday was the little Man's first trip to the farmer's market, which he handled like a champ.  We feasted, because any trip to the farmer's market isn't complete without a meal, and picked up some veggies, peonies, and hand churned butter.  And we celebrated the engagement of 2 love birds, I can't wait for their wedding this Labor Day weekend, if the engagement party was any indication, the wedding will be a blast. 

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