Travels :: What to pack for a plane ride with a toddler

I'm back with our toddler bag essentials.  I am so looking forward to a shorter flight with the little Man this trip this time, 5 hours to California, compared to the 20 hour journey to south east Asia that we took earlier this year.  That being said, I always pack for the worst.  I make sure to have extra diapers, wipes, outfits, & snacks.  With new toys, my phone, stickers, and books to round out the entertaining portion of the flight.

Here's the breakdown:
The necessitates:  Diapers (if you're on a longer or international trip, perhaps opt for overnight diapers) & Wipes; an extra outfit (turbulance could mean plenty of messes); a washcloth (so you're not waiting on an airstewardess while the spill gets larger), and Aquaphor (for dry airplane air)
Cleanliness:  Boogie wipes, sanitizing wipes, & hand sanitizer
Beverages: Formula or whole milk boxes, sippy cup or bottle, & sippy cup strap (so you don't have to ask the passenger behind you to retrieve your runaway bottle)
Snacks: A variety of snacks: apple sauce, baby munchies, baby cookies, fruit cups
Entertainment: books, toys, Sophie (teether)

All of which gets packed into my handy Skip Hop Versa Bag

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