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There's something so special about a child's first birthday.  Just like anyother milestone, a first birthday usually brings lots of fanfare and of course the pressure to find that perfect gift.  Although, the child in question would probably be just as happy with a cardboard box, it certainly is more everyday and not 1st birthday special.   Choosing the perfect gift for a first birthday can be a little challenging.  I find myself asking is the gift right for the child developmentally, or does it fit their growing needs?  Having gifted several first birthday gifts, I rounded up some of our favorites, including some that we received for our now 15 month old.  While some are decidedly boyish or girly, the majority are gender neutral.

In case you were wondering, the Little Man can't get enough of his tool set, basketball hoop, and his personalized name puzzle stool.  Of course all the wrapping paper, boxes, and bags that everything came in was the most exciting at the time.  My personal favorite, and go-to 1st birthday gift for all our friend's kids, is the PB Anywhere chair. 

Other great gift ideas include:
- Cute outfits
- Books are another great gift, story time is a nightly ritual in our household, and reading helps expand a child's vocabulary. 
- Museum or zoo memberships, and or classes (ie. swimming, music) 

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