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We celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday in Puerto Rico this month.  This was our third trip to Puerto Rico, and if you've never been it's a hidden gem.  There's a perfect blend of eating, sight-seeing, hanging out on the beach, outdoor activities, and shopping.  And it's the best way to getaway to somewhere tropical without needing a passport.  We stayed at the Marriott this trip, which had several great restaurants and stores within walking distance.  However, my favorite place to stay in Puerto Rico is still the Ritz, you should note that it's not centrally located and you'll be taking cabs everywhere if you stay here, but the accommodations are so worth it.  Here are just a few highlights from our trip and of course restaurant recommendations...

No trip to Puerto Rico would be complete without a stop at El Morro, one of Puerto Rico's oldest forts.  But what I think you can discern from this picture is that my family loves stripes, haha.

The little Man is a true water baby.  While he loved chasing the waves he enjoyed splashing around in the pool more.

Running around in Old San Juan.  We grabbed lunch there on two days once at the El Picoteo & at a cute little brunch spot the next day.  And we ate at Tantra for dinner, which is one of the best Asian/Indian and Latin fusion places I've tried. 

We also ate dinner at Ali Baba which had some of the most delicious Mediterranean dishes, their lamb is delicious!  On our last night, we grabbed some incredible pasta at Il Bacaro Venezia.

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