Hollywood Glam: the Bachelorette Party

We celebrated one of our bestie's bachelorette in Cancun last weekend. The Hollywood Glam theme included a decked out suite with a dessert table and a red carpet.  All in traditional bachelorette colors pink and black with plenty of crystals and bling.  The dessert table featured custom lolly pops and Hershey kisses, a blinged out letter P (the bride's first initial), and a corset card.  The backdrop was a silver streamer curtain flagged by pink and black streamers with pictures of the bride-to-be and each girl on the trip.  We added a pink boa, and gifts for both the bride-to-be and each girl to finish of the table.  And yes everything fit into our carry-ons.
We awarded her with the "Oscar" for Best Bride, and had mini awards that she could award us with throughout the night.
We had champagne flutes and ring shots on hand to get the party started.  And just in case, we also had custom water bottles and hangover kits handy.
The royal wedding People magazine replica cover, featuring our bride-to-be, added to the Hollywood Glam theme.

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