Th Bachelorette Party: Goodies

Goodies aka the little things that add to an already fabulous event. We incorporated some traditional bachelorette concepts into our Hollywood Glam bachelorette party in Mexico last weekend.  Hop over to rivernorthLove to see the Hollywood Glam theme in full effect.
This was by far my favorite of our 'goodies', and it was a blast watching her check items off her bucket list.  We managed to have her complete 9 of the 15 tasks, and the guys we found to help her complete the tasks were incredibly accommodating and so funny. Our bachelorette with her bucket list. 
The all important Hangover kits, which came in quite handy this trip.  We stuffed the bags full of band aids, mints/gum, face wash wipes, bobby pins, hair ties, granola bars, 100 calorie cookie packets, crystal light packets, and Advil packets.
After seeing this on Pinterest, we knew we had to recreate it.  This time we took before and after shots.  The after were mostly staged but they made for a hilarious before and after comparison.  The before shots are pictured below. 

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