Baby Week: Movie Marathon

Yes, pregnancy brain is a real thing.  Especially when your standing at the grocery store and you can't remember what you're there for, or when you're staring at your computer and you don't have the slightest clue what you were going to do.  I recommend a movie marathon to help lift the fog of pregnancy brain.  Whether it's a date night, a vegging out night, or a girls night,  these picks will leave you in stitches.  What is it about pregnancy and babies that's so funny?  Well at least it's funny till you realize that's happening to you.  Here are my favorite preggo movies to get you started. 

Here's our expanded list:  Knocked Up | Father of the Bride Part 2 | Baby Mama | Juno | What to Expect When You're Expecting | The Back-Up Plan | Waitress | Look Who's Talking3 Men & a Baby | Life As We As We Know It | Where The Heart Is | The Object of My Affection | Nine Months | For Keeps? |  Pregnant In Heels (not technically a movie..)

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