Royal Baby Love

How completely adorable are Will & Kate as parents?  Kate radiated with that new mom glow.  And I couldn't have been the only person holding my breath as Kate walked down those steps in her signature heels while holding her infant son.  The Little Man is 4 months old and I think I've held him with heels on all of twice, I'm also a lot less graceful than the Duchess.  And I adore that Will, also known as the celebrity crush of my 12 year old self, has already changed his son's 'nappy'.   On a side note, I love the last picture with the 3 of them leaving the hospital, Kate in the back seat watching over her little Man, perhaps because it was such a normal thing, ignoring of course the crowd they had to drive through.  Can't wait to hear what they decide on for a name for their Royal bundle of joy.   Congrats to the two of them, and to the many days full of awe and love, and sleepless nights ahead of them.


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