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My college roommate Sara, is one amazing mom.  Of all her many talents, she's a huge supporter for Cystic Fibrosis.  Sadly, this is because her adorable son Brayden was diagnosed with CF a few weeks after he was born.  CF is a chronic genetic disease that effects the lungs and digestive system.  The average lifespan for someone with CF is 37 years.  I can't imagine what it must be like knowing that there's a clock ticking on my little Man.  Thankfully today Brayden is an active and happy 3 year old, but he will never be a 100% till we find a cure for CF.  One of Sara's many fundraising efforts to find a cure includes the Great Strides walk.  Sara's selling some pretty sweet shirts.  Our little Man will be rocking one in firetruck red.  You can order one of these fabulous shirts here or simply donate towards finding a cure.  To learn more about Brayden check out this amazing video.  Hopefully, someday in the near future, Brayden will be a happy, healthy, and CF free young man!

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