DIY :: Baby's First Year Memory Box

The next big project on my to-do list is the little Man's album.  I've been "working" on it for the past year, and all I've managed to finish are 4 pages.  Partially because his stuff is everywhere.  His doctor notes and milestones are in a file somewhere, his pictures are scattered in a couple locations and most of them have yet to be printed, his artwork from school is in his nursery, and his baby stuff from the hospital is somewhere in our den.  Basically, I'm pretty unorganized when it comes to his stuff, which has made making his album all that more challenging.  So when my cousin was due I thought a memory box would be the perfect addition to her shower gift.  Even if she wasn't planning on turning all those keepsakes into an album, all of her little one's stuff would be in one lovely place. 

What you'll need:  a photo storage box with index cards, embellishments, ribbon, and you can find the month circles and milestone printout on our Etsy store.

For the box: I attached grey ribbon on the lid of the box, and added a diaper safety pin which I bejeweled with yellow crystals.  A chalkboard sticker with their soon to be bundle of joy's name was added to complete the look.
For the monthly index cards:  I printed out the milestone tracker and the monthly circles and attached them to each index card.  Then I got creative with the embellishments I had.  I used grey and yellow as it was the colors of their 'You Are My Sunshine' baby shower, and it's perfectly gender neutral.  The embellishments I added included: washi tape, ribbon, scrapbook paper, stickers, buttons, mini clothespins, yellow crystal stickers, and a few sun paperclips.


  1. This is such a cute idea! Now that my son is 2 I hate stumbling on new ideas that I could have done when he was younger. Such a great idea!


    1. Thanks Tabitha! Trust me I know the feeling, there are so many great ideas out there.