Toddler Easter Baskets

 I'm so excited for the little Man to actually experience Easter this year.  Unfortunately, he isn't quite old enough to get it, or to appreciate an good old fashion Easter egg hunt, or demand things in his Easter basket.  So when putting together his Easter basket, I opted for something more age appropriate.

What I included in all 3 baskets:  goldfish carrots (fill a pastry bag with gold fish and tie off with green ribbon); applesauce; eggs filled with Easter stickers, bubble jars, and Ella's baby cookies.
In the girl basket I included an adorable bunny ears headband and stuffed bunny, and in the boy baskets I included Bunny glasses.  Other items you could include:  socks stuffed inside Easter eggs, sidewalk chalk, a spring outfit, a book, a coloring book and crayons, a toy or a dvd.

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